We Are All Americans

We are all Americans, from the CEOs in Washington, DC to the Drug Dealers in Camden, NJ; from the one who serves in the local rescue mission for homeless to the one serving a life sentence for murder in a state prison; from the single mom with three kids from three different daddies trying to fix her mistakes to the one that seems to never learn. We are all Americans, from the white to the black, from the black to the white; from Hawaii to Alaska, from Puerto Rico to those that now call the US their “legal” home; some does not speak good English or any English at all, but we are all Americans. From the gun lovers to the gun haters; from the liberals to the conservatives, from all races, from all colors, from all religions, from what is disgusting to some, to what is disgusting to others we are all Americans. From Sarah Palin to Michael Moore, from Rush Limbaugh to Bill Maher, from Evangelist Billy Graham to Louis Farrakhan, from the Salvation Army to the Black Panthers, from the one in seminary to the one on crack…we are all Americans! From the ghetto to Bel Air, from Main to Florida, from Florida to California, from California to the Washington of the west and back to Main, from the Mountains to the Coasts, from our President to Romney…from you and from me…we are all Americans! All of these realities are our realities, the reality of America!

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