Message for the New Green Belts

Message for the New Green Belts

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Hello students:

If you recently tested and are now proud of your new rank level, especially if you are a new Green Belt, this message is for you. As you all know, our program is relatively new in this area. Is hard to believe, but our program started at The Gates County Community Center just ten months ago. During this time there was a lot of emphasis on physical fitness, Boxing Style sparring for Yellow Belts and above, practical self-defense and some basics on ground fighting. As you earned higher rank levels, our program’s emphasis and challenges changes to assist you in your growing process.

Through my years in Martial Arts and in sports in general I have seen a great deal of kids and people in general with amazing potential, but they were unable to go far because they were not willing to train hard in order to take their skills and conditioning to higher levels. Some were indeed lazy and others too arrogant to learn anything new.

As we step into the Green Level, you are no longer considered a beginner; you are now stepping into the intermediate level. It is crucial that you start to seriously learn the application of the many hand techniques and diverse kicks you have learn. You have now officially enter the Kickboxing Level; your sparring now changes and you are now allow to use your kicks. Even as we will spend many hours in sparring and physical exercises, it is very, very important that you be responsible for the continuation of your own personal training. You MUST develop a habit of jogging and stretching as foundation for the rest of your personal training. It is impossible for you to do all that you need to do for your conditioning and the development of your skills by only coming to class. If you desire to truly be and do all that you should be able to be and do, you must take seriously your personal training.

I am excited to see what God is doing in this county, the growth and your progress as martial artist. Help us to spread the word; God bless you and see you in class!

Sensei Angel Casiano

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