Angel’s Sport Quotes

  • In sports, if you get beat, let it be for one reason and one reason only: that your rival was better than you and not that you should have train better.
  • We play to win, but if we lose we lose with dignity by honoring our rival with respect.
  • Celebrate victory with humility and never let arrogance take away from such an awesome moment.
  • Without an opponent we can’t experience victory. Always honor the opponent you defeated with kind words.
  • Jogging is the foundation of every sport.
  • Jogging is for the athlete as prayer is for the believer.
  • Practicing your sport will help you in the process of perfecting your skills. Training will give you the stamina to perform those skills over and over with ease.
  • Many have the potential to be great, but lack the discipline to train and be students of their sport; therefore they die in the stage of potential.
  • Skill and discipline will bring forth greatness. Add humility and you will leave an irreplaceable legacy.
  • Let your skills do the talking.
  • Honor the sport God gave you the ability to play by always displaying humility and respect.
  • If you are famous in your sport, others are looking up to you, let them see a man or a woman of honor and not a fool. It is a small price to pay for the blessing God has given you.
  • I rather have an average fighter who is disciplined enough to be in top shape than an extraordinary fighter who refuses to train hard.

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