The Science of Stand-Up Fighting Part 2

“Dealing with the Lines of Combat”

2. Your Opponent’s Centerline: Your opponent’s centerline is the line right in the center of your opponent’s body depending on how he is standing in front of you. If he is standing directly facing you with both legs horizontal to you, his nose should be your point of reference to divide him in a half.  You must divide your opponent in half by using your front hand and front leg. Even as we kick and punch in different angles and positions; and we must be ready to do so, we do our best to attack our opponent’s centerline. The more we attack our opponent’s centerline, the more opportunity we have to keep him off balance. Keep movement going; the more you move, the harder it will be for you to get hit. Move in a circular motion; however, just don’t move just for moving’s sake, keep dividing and attacking the centerline. Also movement could take a lot of energy; if you do not have the physical conditioning to move like the great boxer Muhammad Ali, keep your upper body moving and use the basic boxing footwork for movement.


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