The Science of Stand-Up Fighting Part 3

“Dealing with the Lines of Combat”

3. Your Own Center Line: At the same time that you are making yourself aware of your opponent’s centerline, you must protect your own for the sake of keeping a strong fighting stance, which will give you a strong centerline.  A strong centerline is the result of a good solid fighting stance. It is imperative that you learn to educate your legs. If your legs are not moving correctly, you run the risk of sacrificing your own balance. A good fighter will take advantage of that by attacking your own centerline and in result, throwing you off balance. Your feet should be separated from each other just a little wider than your shoulders. Your body should be side ways in a 45-degree angle using the opponent’s centerline as reference. Try not to have your feet in a line in reference to the opponent’s centerline as that will limit the usage of your backhand and rear leg. There are times when it’s appropriate to be completely side ways if you are setting your opponent for a spin side or hook kick. You must be sneaky so that your opponent will not notice. No matter what your opponent does, you must fight to keep a solid stance; do not fall apart when attacking and do not fall apart when being attacked!


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