The Science of Stand-Up Fighting Part 4

“Dealing with the Lines of Combat”

4. The Line Between You and Your Opponent: Have you ever heard the expression: Do not cross the line? That is the line that separates you from your opponent. The game of stand-up fighting requires that you be well aware when someone crosses that line against you. This is the line that involves the red-zone: the place where either opponent can receive a strike. You must cross your opponent’s line from time to time as you engage in offensive attacks. You can’t win by just standing there waiting for your opponent to attack; there is indeed a place for that as you can counter, but in the ring you must show the judges that you are fighting to win. You must be smart, but you must be aggressive and attack. A good offense makes a good defense as the one attacking is keeping the pressure on the other. As you attack remember to always protect yourself; make sure that your techniques are flowing out of the center of your body. Keep the distance short when throwing hooks and upper cuts and always return to Point-A. Do not drop your hands in the red-zone. When your opponent crosses your line you must do one of two things: attack in whatever way you can to upset whatever he had in mind or get out of there. Don’t make it a habit to stay in the red-zone too long. Come in by crossing your opponent’s line, throw a few combinations and get out. As you cross that line it is extremely important that you go the extra mile to protect yourself; you don’t want to be a victim of a lucky punch.


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