The Science of Stand-Up Fighting Part 5

“Dealing with the Lines of Combat”

5. The Angle Lines To Cut the Distance: There are three directions to cut the distance on your opponent. You want to cut the distance and cross your opponent’s line by using the boxing footwork. There are other ways that can be used also, but the basic angles of entrance are the fundamentals:

a. Straightforward: Here you go straight at your opponent. When you decide to come in this way, you are exposed to the fullness of your opponent’s offensive; very important that you get your shoulder’s up, protect your shin, hands up and go in nice and tight.

b. Opponent’s blind side: This is moving behind whatever leg he has in front of him on his sparring stance.

c. Opponent’s horizontal zone: This is where you turn your opponent’s 45-degree fighting stance into a horizontal stance. It is the opposite side of the blind side. Here you also have to take extra precautions in terms of protecting yourself.

What about when the lines are gone? Fight with all you have; adapt, improvise, don’t give up and get back to your centerline as soon as possible. Fighting is not pretty. Be ready to face the ugliness of fighting with great bravery. These centerlines are applicable to stand-up fighting.

As a side note, with the popularity of MMA fighting we must be prepared to fight on the ground. On the ground some things change; always be prepared to know some basic things that can protect you on the ground. Don’t let the ground take you by surprise.

I hope this article helps you in any way. If you have any questions, opinions, disagreements or want to add more insight please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

God bless you all!

Sensei Angel Casiano

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