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In One Day Cuba Will Be Free!

My brothers and sisters from Cuba; get ready, for the Lord says at this hour:


Your freedom is near, for I will judge the Castro family severely. I hear the sound of the cries of my people; the church of the Island of Cuba is not dead but alive. Cuba, I am listening and I am sounding the trumpet of my mercies. Cuba will turn their hearts to me, for I loved you from the beginning. Cuba will be a nation after my own heart and I will do great and mighty things. The great nations overlooked you for too long; the world does not consider you much, but the hour of your redemption is coming. I will come against the dictators of the world that have taken the freedom our of my people and have closed the doors to the light of my Gospel. I will show the power of my love and bring truth in places filled with lies. Cuba is free! Cuba is free! In one day Cuba will be free!

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  1. Que hacienda sea !


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