Video Message: The Revolutionary Prayer Life

Video Message: The Revolutionary Prayer Life









Celebrating One Year of Martial Arts In This Region

I want to take this opportunity to thank God for one year of teaching Martial Arts in this region. What an amazing blessing! Some times I wonder what in the world am I doing here? However, when I look at all of the kids that God is sending our way I am amazed at His mercies. No doubt that this program is helping me to make a living, but I also treat this program as a ministry.

This year we saw souls getting saved, young men rededicating their lives to the Lord and we saw students progressing and maturing in all aspects. I will always say that our program is more than just kicking, punching, winning some trophies and learning a new form. Without Christ, none of those things matter! Yet, in the midst of all we do offer a quality and challenging program; we have also seen a lot of quitting as they were expecting an easy next belt.

This last summer we made history in Gates County as we brought The First Martial Arts Summer Camp to this community. It was truly successful!

As we start on our second year we are so excited as the Lord has opened doors for us to serve over seventy children from elementary and middle school levels at Ahoskie Christian School. Our humble program has become the mandatory Physical Education class in that prestigious school.

I want to thank God for Dillon Lowe, my official first student in this region and his mom Donna who gave me some very important business tips. Dillon is still active today and will be testing for his Green Belt this up-coming Saturday. I want to thank God for my son Angelo, my first Black Belt and Assistant Instructor; I truly appreciate your help! I want to thank God for all my Gates County Parents who allow me to be a part of their children’s lives. I want to thank God for Mrs. Lulu, Director of Recreation at The Gates County Community Center and her staff, what an amazing people to work with! Thank you so much for my Ahoskie Christian family for opening the doors for our program the way you guys did, even in the face of some opposition. Oh, but a special thanks to my dear wife Rayette who God used to inspire me to start this program. We are ready for a new exciting year…Come and experience the power!

My Heart Is Broken For The USA!

After listening to both, the Democratic and Republican conventions, I conclude that we are indeed in trouble in this nation. Though, this has always been the case. Yet, now more than ever, our nation is worse than ever before.


My heart cries out for the land where I was born; the land that gave me the love of my life in my dear wife Rayette, the land that received all of my six children, the land where Christ came into my heart and saved me, the land where I was made a disciple in the things of God, the land where I continue to have the honor of serving God’s people and the land where I am constantly bless!


Why are we celebrating? Why the excitement? We witness a Democratic convention where the mention of God and Jerusalem was not allowed. How can our President allow that? God was later allowed in with sharp opposition, yet this is a shameful moment in our history. Are we supposed to run to the Republicans? Am I supposed to give my vote to a man whose religious faith is based on the views of an obvious false prophet? These are times of weeping!


In my short life as a voter, my soul has never been this troubled! For the first time in my short life as a Christian, not voting is actually an option. Should I consider not voting and throw away such an amazing gift? We saw the Lord raising leaders to bring judgment against Israel; God will give us the leader we deserve! However, I continue to pray concerning these matters; I continue to pray that God will have mercy over us; I continue to pray for God to give us a Josiah!


I believe that Romney will be declared our next President. Mr. Obama will be a one term President who, like others, will be judge through the pages of time. Romney will face a nation in an almost similar condition than Obama. Romney will find out very soon that political ideologies without God will prove to be totally ineffective.


Only God can transform our statistics and take us to the Biblical prosperity established in Third John 1:2 as the old Apostle tells us:



“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” NKJV


In this verse we see God’s heart for His people. He wants us to prosper in all things, that includes our health and the condition of our soul.


“Oh God have your way in this nation and give us one more chance to make things right with you.” In Jesus name…Amen!

God Has Not Closed The Door Yet Part 3


“It Is Time To Get In The Ark”




       To be out of fellowship is to be in sin; it is like not being prepared for a great and terrifying flood. Many of us have found ourselves playing the role of Rambo-Christians, doing things on our own and giving up on the church. The church is not perfect, because we are not perfect. We must get back or get into a place where we can assemble so that we can get to know each other closely and be able then to do what we are called to do in God.


Again, you may be a member in a church and still be outside of fellowship. God did not call us just to gather on Sundays for a couple of hours. God is calling us to:

1. Stay firm in our faith:


This is done by developing a prayer life; by the study of the Scripture and by coming together to grow in learning sound doctrine. Many people are walking around not sure of their salvation because they are not allowing themselves to be disciples. Our faith and hope are under attack and we must be ready when the attack comes. We are not called to be alone; we are a part of the greatest and most powerful family on the face of this earth.


2.  Stay firm in our love for God and in our love for one another:


We must grow in all of the “one-another’s” in the Bible. Our love can only be tested as we come together. We can’t love one another if we don’t come together. Abandoning the church is taking away our opportunity to learn to love.

3.  Stay active in good works:


       Beloved, many are just sitting in church Sunday after Sunday, doing nothing. They have fallen victims of the One-Man Show. All the work that we need to do as Christians is not focused only in the four walls of the building we mistakenly call the church. However, spiritually speaking, everything we do must flow out of a group of believers who fellowship, pray and form a church government together; that is the true church.  We are talking about the apostolic order; the way the original apostles left for us to follow; it is the Godly way of doing things. We must unite our forces with others, learn to work in unity and allow God to use us as His vessels of clay for His glory and for the service of His people.

4.  Encourage one-another:


Hebrews 10:25 discusses about a Day approaching; that is not going to be a good day for those that are out of fellowship. When the flood came it was a good day for Noah, his family and the animals that made it in the ark; but for the many that did not enter the ark it was a terrorizing day. No other natural disaster can even come close to the Great Flood of Genesis. Beloved, we need each other! The word “encouragement” comes from the Greek word: (παρακαλέω)parakaléō meaning: “To the side of, to call for, to aid, to help, o to beseech and to invite to come.” Are you helping anybody? Who is calling you when they are discouraged? Who are you calling when it is you who feels like giving up? That Day is coming…are you ready?


The door is not closed yet. It is wide open, waiting for you to enter into safety and into the purpose of God. It is time to enter into the ark! It is time for Christians to come home into a messy and stinky church that will shine, that will be holy, pure and without wrinkles and that will float right up to the arms of God when the flood of the end of age comes. This time it will not be water, this time it will be the terrorizing sounds of the end of this age.











God Has Not Closed The Door Yet Part 2

“It Is Time To Get In The Ark”


23 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. 24 And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, 25 not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching. Hebrews 10:23-25 NKJV


       The word confession here is the same word used in Romans 10:10. It is the Greek word (ὁμολογία)Homología meaning: “A confession, profession, or recognition. Homología is also used in 2 Corinthians 9:13. Used in an absolute sense, it means -confession of Christ and to Christ- used also in First Timothy 6:12, 13 and Hebrew 4:14.” (Logos Bible Software 4) In Hebrew 10:23 God is telling us to hold fast to the confession of hope we made when we were saved.


Verses twenty-four and twenty five of Hebrew’s ten gives us two powerful ways to stay firm in our faith, stay strong in love, stay active in good works and stay encouraged. These two things that we are commanded to do are:

1. To consider one another:


To consider one another comes from the Greek word (κατανοέω)katanoéō: It means to think, to observe, to notice, to contemplate, to have respect to, to regard; to learn thoroughly or consider accurately; to perceive fully; to discern; to apprehend, to comprehend, to perceive. (Logos Bible Software 4)



Beloved, our Christian life together is more than just the Sunday Morning Show. God want us to truly get to know and be a part of each other’s lives.


We need to think about each other, we need to observe each other, to make sure we are all right; we need to notice when our brothers and sisters are moving away from fellowship. No one in the church should feel that they are ignored. Everybody should feel a part of the family. We need to have respect for one another; we need to learn about each other and have a clear understanding of each other’s character and gifts; etc.


Many are members of a congregation, but there is not really any consideration for one another taking place. You are just a member who goes to church on Sundays to do God a favor. You hug a few brothers and sisters when the pastor says so and after the service is over, everybody goes their separate ways. Beloved that is not what God is asking of us. So you may think you are ok because you are a member of a church, but in reality you are just as lost as the one that rather stay home on Sundays.


2. To come together as an assembly:


The word assembly in the Greek is the word(ἐπισυναγωγή)episunágō. It means “To gather together; it means the act of gathering or assembling together. The word assembly in this verse of Hebrew 10:25 does not merely denote the assembling for corporate worship as a solitary or occasional act, but as customary conduct.” (Logos Bible Software 4)


Again, it is more than just our Sunday-morning thing. We need to consider and press on in our fellowship with one another so that we can:


  1. Stay firm in our hope (Faith).
  2. Stay firm in our love for God and in our love for one another.
  3. Stay active in good works.
  4. Stay encouraged.









God Has Not Closed The Door Yet

“It Is Time To Get In The Ark”

13 And God said to Noah, “The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence through them; and behold, I will destroy them with the earth. 14 Make yourself an ark…” Genesis 6:13-14a NKJV


13 That very day Noah had gone into the boat with his wife and his sons—Shem, Ham, and Japheth—and their wives. 14 With them in the boat were pairs of every kind of animal—domestic and wild, large and small—along with birds of every kind. 15 Two by two they came into the boat, representing every living thing that breathes. 16 A male and female of each kind entered, just as God had commanded Noah. Then the Lord closed the door behind them.” Genesis 7:13-16 NLT


       The Ark of Noah is a typology of the church today. Just as the Ark of Noah was messy and stinky with all the animals manifesting their bowel movements, the church can also get messy and stinky as people manifest their own bowel movements through ungodly behaviors, lack of discipline, injustices, backbiting, etc. However, when the rain of God’s judgment came down, everybody wanted to get in that ark for safety, but by then it was too late, as God Himself closed the door.


One hundred years went by between God telling Noah to build the ark and the arrival of the flood, however during that time no one listened. Only Noah’s wife, three sons and their wives made it into that ark together with thousands of animals of all kinds.

The church is in trouble today; I take time on this blog to point out what the Lord tells me to share. However, make no mistake about it, the church will be the only Institution standing in the world. Everything else will be destroyed. For those folks that are out of fellowship, may this word serve as a loving warning that it is time to get in the ark. Oh, and by the way, going to church on Sundays or even becoming a member is not enough… Not even close to enough!




Whom In The World Am I Going to Vote For This Time? Part 6

As a Christian Conservative I have absolutely no reason to be excited about this election. Neither one of these candidates represent me in any way. I like their personal stories, but socially and fiscally speaking, they both represent views that are contrary to mine. But during this time I am reminder of the words of the Psalmist:

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
where does my help come from?My help comes from the Lord,
the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:1-2 NIV


      In these words I find consolation for my soul, for this is the nation God chose for me to be born in and most importantly this is the nation that God chose for me to be born again in. I am, ethnically speaking, a Puertorrican, a proud Latino, a Hispanic raised in Puerto Rico, but send to the United States of America to be my home for the last twenty one years.

America is exceptional because God bless you to be so, not because you are better than anyone on your own strengths and abilities. But America has moved away from the God who bless you beyond what is deserving of any nation. His grace was and still is upon you, but God is bringing down the idols and will strip you of your pride, arrogance and lack of acknowledgment of WHO brought you this far. God will deal with the historical hypocrisies of this nation; God will indeed humble you; but may the church arise, for your glorious time to shine is here!

Romney will be the next President of the United States, but his promises will show to be bigger than what he is able to deliver; a familiar pattern for many politicians. May God bless you and may God bless the United States of America!


Whom In The World Am I Going to Vote For This Time? Part V

Beloved, our President is right, we can’t go back to the policies that created this mess to start with. The President is also correct in blaming Republicans for a great deal of what he inherited. However, the President is not telling the whole story. In my spirit I head these words:


Conservatism did not get us into this mess, Democrats and Republicans embracing liberal agendas together with our own irresponsible financial decisions did.”


Obama, without a doubt, is the most radical President in the history of this nation. He is making no efforts to move his policies to the center as Clinton did. He is coming against the rich and making no apologies about that. Romney, on the other hand, is not a conservative…his own record betray him. We need conservatism more than ever, but conservatism is nowhere to be found.


A vote for Obama will take this country to a very dark place. On the other hand, can I vote for a man whose religion is base on the revelation of a false prophet? Who will Romney pray to, especially during times of crisis? Whom in the world am I going to vote for this time?





Whom In The World Am I Going to Vote For This Time? Part IV

Private business does the job better by far, than any government. Government involvement will always mess things up because our government was never designed to take over anything beyond defending the constitution.


The assault against businesses on the part of this administration is shameful and anti-American. The liberal agenda is not fiscally responsible; they place the government as the center of the solution for our nation by developing and continuing failed government programs. Promoting Food Stamps, Medicaid, Session 8, Head Start, etc. is bankrupting this nation.


The Government has taking money out of places they have no business touching; places such as Social Security. My generation has no warranty of Social Security; that is an issue that very soon will be at the center of our discussions.


The Conservative agenda is indeed more fiscally responsible. The conservative agenda looks at what works and cut what is not. The conservative agenda believes in not buying what we can’t afford and in leaving a better America for our children. The conservative agenda believes in small government, strong military, a balanced budget and getting out of the way of the American people so they can freely pursue their dreams. We are about to hit 16 trillion dollars in debt… that my friend is not fiscally responsible.


The numbers are there for all of us to see. The unemployment numbers are worst, we have more people loosing their homes, home values low and the debt that we are leaving for our children to pay is shameful. The change that was promise never came and our nation is losing hope. But what is more alarming is that there is no acknowledgment on the part of this administration to recognize that as long as we continue doing things the way we are right now it is impossible to succeed. The political genius of Former President Bill Clinton does not exist in the intellect of our current President.








Whom In The World Am I Going to Vote For This Time? Part III


President Obama has failed to understand that he is the President of all and not a group. Yes, there are rich folks that are spoiled, arrogant and despicable. However, we have evil in all levels. The reality is that we need those rich folks; they are the ones that own the big companies that offer jobs for the rest of us. Some times those companies close, bad things happen, unfair things happened, etc. However, does bad and unfair things happen in our Ghettos? There is enough evil to go around!

This takes me to the main point of my article: Whom in the world am I going to vote for this time? For that I take into consideration the following three factors concerning whom to vote for:


1. I want to know the candidates’ personal story so that I can see where he stands morally:


Are our President’s morals in line with my Christian faith? In this, I am careful, because I can’t demand of another man the perfection that I don’t have. So if they screw-up in the past, I want to know that they repented and that they trust and pray to the same God that I do. I don’t appreciate the character assassination that we get today among politicians and the press. I have been around long enough to know that if I ever run for president there is enough in my story to destroy my chances. If we are going to look for perfect people, we will never find one. Both, President Obama and Governor Romney have impressive personal stories. Both seem to care deeply for their families as dedicated husbands and fathers. Both work very hard for what they have!

2. How the candidates’ social policies will affect my religious views?


There are social issues that are important for us conservatives. Religious freedom, positions on same-sex marriage and abortion matter to us. Their stand on these issues gives us a window for us to be able to see the candidate’s soul. These are indeed, Biblical issues. Obama presented himself as a Christian, however his stands on abortion and same-sex marriage are liberals and against Biblical principles. I expect a man of God to stand firm in what he believes; I don’t see that life-changing faith and trust in our Lord Jesus in neither Obama or Romney.


3. Is the candidates’ fiscally responsible:


As a conservative, I want low taxes, strong military, small government and a president that will not only swear, but also actually protect our constitution. I want the government’s involvement to never go beyond what the constitution allows…it is that simple.