Whom In The World Am I Going to Vote For This Time? Part II

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By the time the 2008 election came I saw a Republican Party that was quickly abandoning their conservative roots. The liberal intimidation of the press was working. Republicans were no longer proud of embracing conservatism. McCain represented more of the same. McCain represented “pastel colors” in a time when we needed “bold colors”. Surely the days of Reagan were over! By then I was no longer registered as a Republican, but as a Conservative Independent.


Reluctantly, I gave my vote to President Obama. I was impressed with the fact that he ran an amazing campaign against the Clinton’s political machine. As a minority I hope for the hope and change, for the great moment and for an America that will, at last, come together and seriously begin the healing and racial reconciliation. Wow, our first black President!


Yet, now we have today! Our President’s policies are making a bad thing worst. Perhaps he did not know that it was this bad. However, just as Sports are all about statistics and production, the game of politics also has its own numbers. Politics is a bloody game and we can’t effectively govern by continuing blaming the previous administration and by whining every time something negative is said against you. We can’t govern by calling every criticism against you racism. We can’t govern by using one group against the other, blacks against whites, rich against poor, small business owners against welfare recipients, etc.





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