Whom In The World Am I Going to Vote For This Time? Part III


President Obama has failed to understand that he is the President of all and not a group. Yes, there are rich folks that are spoiled, arrogant and despicable. However, we have evil in all levels. The reality is that we need those rich folks; they are the ones that own the big companies that offer jobs for the rest of us. Some times those companies close, bad things happen, unfair things happened, etc. However, does bad and unfair things happen in our Ghettos? There is enough evil to go around!

This takes me to the main point of my article: Whom in the world am I going to vote for this time? For that I take into consideration the following three factors concerning whom to vote for:


1. I want to know the candidates’ personal story so that I can see where he stands morally:


Are our President’s morals in line with my Christian faith? In this, I am careful, because I can’t demand of another man the perfection that I don’t have. So if they screw-up in the past, I want to know that they repented and that they trust and pray to the same God that I do. I don’t appreciate the character assassination that we get today among politicians and the press. I have been around long enough to know that if I ever run for president there is enough in my story to destroy my chances. If we are going to look for perfect people, we will never find one. Both, President Obama and Governor Romney have impressive personal stories. Both seem to care deeply for their families as dedicated husbands and fathers. Both work very hard for what they have!

2. How the candidates’ social policies will affect my religious views?


There are social issues that are important for us conservatives. Religious freedom, positions on same-sex marriage and abortion matter to us. Their stand on these issues gives us a window for us to be able to see the candidate’s soul. These are indeed, Biblical issues. Obama presented himself as a Christian, however his stands on abortion and same-sex marriage are liberals and against Biblical principles. I expect a man of God to stand firm in what he believes; I don’t see that life-changing faith and trust in our Lord Jesus in neither Obama or Romney.


3. Is the candidates’ fiscally responsible:


As a conservative, I want low taxes, strong military, small government and a president that will not only swear, but also actually protect our constitution. I want the government’s involvement to never go beyond what the constitution allows…it is that simple.






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