Whom In The World Am I Going to Vote For This Time? Part IV

Private business does the job better by far, than any government. Government involvement will always mess things up because our government was never designed to take over anything beyond defending the constitution.


The assault against businesses on the part of this administration is shameful and anti-American. The liberal agenda is not fiscally responsible; they place the government as the center of the solution for our nation by developing and continuing failed government programs. Promoting Food Stamps, Medicaid, Session 8, Head Start, etc. is bankrupting this nation.


The Government has taking money out of places they have no business touching; places such as Social Security. My generation has no warranty of Social Security; that is an issue that very soon will be at the center of our discussions.


The Conservative agenda is indeed more fiscally responsible. The conservative agenda looks at what works and cut what is not. The conservative agenda believes in not buying what we can’t afford and in leaving a better America for our children. The conservative agenda believes in small government, strong military, a balanced budget and getting out of the way of the American people so they can freely pursue their dreams. We are about to hit 16 trillion dollars in debt… that my friend is not fiscally responsible.


The numbers are there for all of us to see. The unemployment numbers are worst, we have more people loosing their homes, home values low and the debt that we are leaving for our children to pay is shameful. The change that was promise never came and our nation is losing hope. But what is more alarming is that there is no acknowledgment on the part of this administration to recognize that as long as we continue doing things the way we are right now it is impossible to succeed. The political genius of Former President Bill Clinton does not exist in the intellect of our current President.








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