Whom In The World Am I Going to Vote For This Time? Part V

Beloved, our President is right, we can’t go back to the policies that created this mess to start with. The President is also correct in blaming Republicans for a great deal of what he inherited. However, the President is not telling the whole story. In my spirit I head these words:


Conservatism did not get us into this mess, Democrats and Republicans embracing liberal agendas together with our own irresponsible financial decisions did.”


Obama, without a doubt, is the most radical President in the history of this nation. He is making no efforts to move his policies to the center as Clinton did. He is coming against the rich and making no apologies about that. Romney, on the other hand, is not a conservative…his own record betray him. We need conservatism more than ever, but conservatism is nowhere to be found.


A vote for Obama will take this country to a very dark place. On the other hand, can I vote for a man whose religion is base on the revelation of a false prophet? Who will Romney pray to, especially during times of crisis? Whom in the world am I going to vote for this time?





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