My Heart Is Broken For The USA!

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After listening to both, the Democratic and Republican conventions, I conclude that we are indeed in trouble in this nation. Though, this has always been the case. Yet, now more than ever, our nation is worse than ever before.


My heart cries out for the land where I was born; the land that gave me the love of my life in my dear wife Rayette, the land that received all of my six children, the land where Christ came into my heart and saved me, the land where I was made a disciple in the things of God, the land where I continue to have the honor of serving God’s people and the land where I am constantly bless!


Why are we celebrating? Why the excitement? We witness a Democratic convention where the mention of God and Jerusalem was not allowed. How can our President allow that? God was later allowed in with sharp opposition, yet this is a shameful moment in our history. Are we supposed to run to the Republicans? Am I supposed to give my vote to a man whose religious faith is based on the views of an obvious false prophet? These are times of weeping!


In my short life as a voter, my soul has never been this troubled! For the first time in my short life as a Christian, not voting is actually an option. Should I consider not voting and throw away such an amazing gift? We saw the Lord raising leaders to bring judgment against Israel; God will give us the leader we deserve! However, I continue to pray concerning these matters; I continue to pray that God will have mercy over us; I continue to pray for God to give us a Josiah!


I believe that Romney will be declared our next President. Mr. Obama will be a one term President who, like others, will be judge through the pages of time. Romney will face a nation in an almost similar condition than Obama. Romney will find out very soon that political ideologies without God will prove to be totally ineffective.


Only God can transform our statistics and take us to the Biblical prosperity established in Third John 1:2 as the old Apostle tells us:



“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” NKJV


In this verse we see God’s heart for His people. He wants us to prosper in all things, that includes our health and the condition of our soul.


“Oh God have your way in this nation and give us one more chance to make things right with you.” In Jesus name…Amen!

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