Celebrating One Year of Martial Arts In This Region


I want to take this opportunity to thank God for one year of teaching Martial Arts in this region. What an amazing blessing! Some times I wonder what in the world am I doing here? However, when I look at all of the kids that God is sending our way I am amazed at His mercies. No doubt that this program is helping me to make a living, but I also treat this program as a ministry.

This year we saw souls getting saved, young men rededicating their lives to the Lord and we saw students progressing and maturing in all aspects. I will always say that our program is more than just kicking, punching, winning some trophies and learning a new form. Without Christ, none of those things matter! Yet, in the midst of all we do offer a quality and challenging program; we have also seen a lot of quitting as they were expecting an easy next belt.

This last summer we made history in Gates County as we brought The First Martial Arts Summer Camp to this community. It was truly successful!

As we start on our second year we are so excited as the Lord has opened doors for us to serve over seventy children from elementary and middle school levels at Ahoskie Christian School. Our humble program has become the mandatory Physical Education class in that prestigious school.

I want to thank God for Dillon Lowe, my official first student in this region and his mom Donna who gave me some very important business tips. Dillon is still active today and will be testing for his Green Belt this up-coming Saturday. I want to thank God for my son Angelo, my first Black Belt and Assistant Instructor; I truly appreciate your help! I want to thank God for all my Gates County Parents who allow me to be a part of their children’s lives. I want to thank God for Mrs. Lulu, Director of Recreation at The Gates County Community Center and her staff, what an amazing people to work with! Thank you so much for my Ahoskie Christian family for opening the doors for our program the way you guys did, even in the face of some opposition. Oh, but a special thanks to my dear wife Rayette who God used to inspire me to start this program. We are ready for a new exciting year…Come and experience the power!

2 comments on “Celebrating One Year of Martial Arts In This Region”

  1. Beloved
    Congratulations Bro! I wish I can live close so that my Matthew will be part of your class. In that, I wanted to let you know that I will be traveling by myself to visit Roanoke, VA in the middle of October, I think more likely around the weekend of the 20-21 and I will love to visit your church on Sunday before I fly back on Monday from Richmond, VA. My wife and I are considering moving to the Roanoke area next Summer or so and I want to ask you and your wife to pray for us so that the Holy Spirit will guide us and lead us into understanding if this is His perfect will for us or not.
    Will you be so kind to allow to come to enjoy God’s presence and ministry at your church. I will truly love to see you! and your family.
    If you want to send me a reply, please do so at my work address; nelson.pacheco@newlondonhospital.org… Home # 603-763-6061
    Tu hermanito,


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