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So, What About Sensuality?

I know that many people will perhaps get upset over what I am about to discuss. However, I try my best to listen to the Lord and develop the topic from there. I must say that as I write about this topic, I feel extremely disqualify, as I am the last person on this earth that should be writing or talking about any topic related to sexual sin. But, are we ever worthy of preaching God’s Word? This is indeed an important topic that deserves special attention.

Sensuality is a powerful weapon used by Satan against humanity. Satan has been using this weapon for a long time because of its effectiveness. Sensuality leads to impurity of the mind and those thoughts become actual behavior designed for our own destruction.

We are constantly been bombarded with things that are designed to arouse our natural sexual desires. We live in a society filled with sensuality wherever we go.

The New International Webster’s Pocket Dictionary defines “sensuality” as: “The state of being sensual; lewdness; lasciviousness.” Lewdness is the same as: “Filthiness and vulgarity.” On the other hand Lasciviousness means: “Arousing sexual desire.”

From the clothing we wear, to the music videos, to the Lyrics of many songs, TV Shows, Movies… we see sensuality everywhere. It has indeed become the norm to be sensual! In his sermon: “12 Deadly Sins (and How to Avoid Them)” Pastor Keith Dostel stated the following:

“People who would be mortified to walk down the street in their underwear are guilty of the sin of sensuality when they lie around the pool or on the beach in attire that is significantly smaller than their underwear.  It is not acceptable for believers to dress (or undress) in that manner simply because this is how people normally dress (or undress) at the beach.  The believer never has the freedom to act like the world because this is how the world normally acts.  When a Christian gives himself over to his own sensual desires, whether it is an inordinate display of skin, or an inordinate consumption of food, or an excessive viewing of movies and video games, or the viewing of those who display too much skin, this is the sin of sensuality.”

It is a daily struggle to fight against this spirit. The reason it is so difficult is because we were indeed created with sexual desires. These are beautiful desires that are meant to be satisfied in the beauty and sanctity of marriage. However, you know this, you are driving down the highway and there it is, a huge billboard with a beautiful seductive woman looking straight at you. You turn on the TV to watch your favorite football team and there you can see the cheerleaders with very little covering on their athletic bodies as they dance to the music…the commercials do not help either!

The Apostle Paul needed to confront this spirit of sensuality as he write to the Corinthians church:

“I am afraid that when I come again my God may humiliate me before you, and I may mourn over many of those who have sinned in the past and not repented of the impurity, immorality and sensuality which they have practiced.” 2 Corinthians 12:21 (NASB)


      We must point out that Paul is talking to the church here; these are folks that are in the church, but find nothing wrong with these kinds of lifestyles. On this verse we are dealing with three sins that are connected to sexual sin:

1. Impurity: The word impurity in the Greek means: “Uncleanness or filth in a natural or physical sense; moral uncleanness, lewdness, incontinence in general[1]

2.  Immorality: “To commit fornication or any sexual sin. Fornication, lewdness, or any sexual sin.[2]

3.  Sensuality: “Lasciviousness, license, debauchery, sexual excess, absence of restraint, insatiable desire for pleasure. [3]


When we are dealing with impurity we are dealing with the condition of our minds outside of Christ. It is giving our deep thoughts to our sensual desires. In dealing with Sexual Immorality we are dealing with any sexual activity outside of marriage. Then we have this thing called Sensuality that becomes the powerful spirit that easily enticed us to meditate on impure thoughts and take us to the actual acts of Sexual Immorality.

I am blessed to work in a place where women dress very appropriately, but in some workplaces it is not so. Women are constantly wearing clothing that leave very little to the imagination. Many churches are also filled with seduction. It is obvious that many of the sisters that come to church are not coming with the idea of kneeling down to pray judging by the clothing they constantly choose to wear.

What a challenge many of us parents are facing! Our children are growing up in the midst of a generation where sensuality is not only accepted, but celebrated like never before. Beloved, this teaching is not the result of legalism or some outdated message. This is the Word of God. We can’t speak about Sexual Immorality without addressing the seduction among us. Paul saw these seductions as a personal humiliation for him. May God help us all!

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