Who Should Christians Vote For?


This is indeed a very important question and with more than twenty four million Evangelical Christians in this nation it is crucial that we give a possible answer. With this article I will attempt to give a very simple guide that can help us make an intelligent decision.

I must admit that as much as I love politics, this was the first time I actually considered not voting. However, as I prayed and meditated on this topic, I feel that the Lord ministered to my spirit and gave me wisdom on this matter. The right to vote, especially for minorities and women, should never be taken lightly. I prefer that you inform yourself before voting, but at the end of the day, no matter whom you vote for, please do not disregard this amazing privilege.

First, we must stop looking at the President as if we are voting for a Bishop or voting for any Church Government’s position. The presidency must be looked at one of many jobs that many of us are not skillful or qualified enough to do. Being President is a job; perhaps the most complicated and stressful job in the planet, nevertheless a job. When I found myself facing car problems I looked for the most qualified and affordable mechanic I could get. I didn’t ask the mechanic to give me his testimony of how he gave his life to the Lord; all I want is for him to know how to fix my car. At that moment I find myself in a need and I do business with someone to satisfy that need.

If one of my children is facing a terminal illness and after praying for him or her she or he is not getting any better, I take them to see the doctor. If surgery is needed, I want the most qualified doctor to perform that surgery. If Doctor House, from the TV series, were real, I’d probably prefer him.

These politicians know exactly what to say to gain our vote, but we must look at them intelligently. Many of these men that we gave our vote to thinking that they were Christians were either very young in their faith or simply not Christians at all. I saw an interview of President George W. Bush where he stated that people could get save outside of Jesus; he also added that the Bible is just a guide. Nevertheless, we Evangelicals voted for this man on the basis of his supposed confession to Christianity. Have we ever had a true Christian in the White House?

We must have a practical way to determine whom we, as Christians, should vote for. I wrote an article entitled “10 Things I want From Our President.” In that article I found my personal guide that I hope it can serve as a guide for many Christian:

1.I want a President that will ensure religious freedom:I would prefer that our President be a Christian, but he must also be skillful and qualified to do the job. Because you are a Christian that does not automatically make you the best choice for President of the United States. He doesn’t necessarily need to be a Christian, but he must allow me and everybody else to freely practice our religion as established by our Founder Fathers.

2.I want a President that will be bold and brave enough to unashamedly make a stand against abortion and same sex marriage.

3.I want a President that understands that we are at war and that we will indeed always have enemies. For that, we must continue to have the strongest military forces in the world.

4.I want a President that will make it a priority to balance our budget, eliminate our debt, eliminate wasteful spending, and give this nation surplus: Living within our means is applicable to the Government also!

5.I want a President that will promote the creation of an environment where small businesses are not treated as our enemies, but as our economy’s greatest assets: I want a President that welcomes and promotes success, not punishes it!

6.I want a President with a profound understanding of the government’s constitutional role and limits his powers and interventions to just that.

7.I want a President that will actively and effectively deal, confront and resolve our illegal immigration problem.

8.I want a President that will actively and effectively confront and resolve our Social Security Benefit upcoming issue before it becomes a crisis.

9.I want a President that will totally revolutionize our welfare system: I want a welfare system that will stop all able bodies from having the Government make a living for them. I want a government that will define those in true need as the elderly, disabled, and those that are facing temporary hardship and are in need of TEMPORARY assistance. I want a President that will not be afraid of eliminating all programs that are statistically ineffective. If a program is needed, but the government is not doing their job, then trust the Private sector to do the job.

10. I want a President that will promote a Government with sufficient regulations to ensure that no business is taking advantage of another. However, a government that will not have so many regulations, that complying with the regulation will significantly affect the freedom of the private sector and their time and ability to offer a quality product.

3 comments on “Who Should Christians Vote For?”

  1. I understand your reluctance to voting this year. But It is our duty as American citizens. We do not have perfect candidates…never have…never will. But we are faced with two philosophical choices.

    Do I believe my country is best served by embracing historic perspectives of responsibility to God, responsibility to the needs fellow citizens, and by sacrifice of self required to sustain a culture of freedom and responsibility? What can I give?


    Do I believe my country is best served by embracing expansion of a self-entitlement culture defined by centralized authority in the federal state with emphasis upon what the state will require of me and what the state will provide to me? What can I get?

    As a citizen of Faith, I choose responsibility. I seek the instruction of the Scripture and the leading of God’s Spirit. I will choose responsibility with my vote on Tuesday. And, regardless of the outcome of the election, I will continue choose responsibility with my resources and my influence beyond Tuesday.

    That decision also requires that I willingly embrace the long-term hard work required to bring responsibility to bear in the various aspects of our communities…family, business, education, social need, government, law, arts, and religion. The preservation of a culture of freedom and responsibility has always been and will always be hard work.

    I urge you to pray…asking God for personal forgiveness, for His grace and mercy upon America, for wisdom and insight, not based upon what we see or hear from the candidates or pundits, but upon the provision of His Spirit.

    I urge you to vote…exercising the privilege purchased for you by so many who walked before you.


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