On President’s Obama’s Re-election

Well, today is November 7, 2012. Less than twenty-four hours ago, President Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected President of the United States. Four years ago he spoke to us about hope and change; now our President is talking about moving forward. President Obama’s victory yesterday was clear and convincing; he won the electoral and also the popular vote. America has spoken indeed!

         This nation is facing challenges that could dangerously affect generations to come. Some of those specific challenges are:

  1. A very weak economy.

  2. Our National Debt (Over 16 Trillion Dollars)

  3. Our Budget Deficit (Over a Trillion Dollars for the last four fiscal years; the highest in our history)

  4. High unemployment

  5. Terrorism

  6. Need for Immigration reform

  7. Social Security

  8. Others…

         Like many other Americans, I am making a commitment to pray for our President, the House and the Senate. These guys must learn to work together! They must move away from Radio personalities and get into effectively playing the political game on behalf of the people. After all, that is why they are called Public Servants.  My sincere expectation is that we will be able to indeed move FORWARD. I pray that our President finds the wisdom needed to find tangible and measurable solutions to the issues at hand.

         I believe that it is possible that in four years we could have a stronger America. It is important to notice that history has shown us that good things happen when Republicans and Democrats work together. Harry Truman and Bill Clinton did it successfully with remarkable results!

         For now, I will, as a humble citizen, continue to pay attention to the numbers that count. If our President moves this country forward towards a surplus in our fiscal years to come and if he is able to bring our national debt down in a significant way, without a doubt, President Obama will go down in history as one of the best Presidents in this nation’s history. If he does not…well, may God have mercy on his people as we see, with our own eyes, the beginning of the end of this great nation.