Government deals with politics and politics deal with government. No doubt that the Democratic Party has become increasingly liberal; and liberalism, we know, will always resist the absolutes of God. That is the reason why Liberalism has no problem promoting same sex marriage and abortion.

      Liberalism places the focus on Government as the source of HELP for a society. Liberals will always advocate for government programs, which require big spending and higher taxes. We witness how on there own Democratic Convention they refuse to allow God and Israel to be mentioned. Under great resistance a motion was made to allow God and Israel to be mentioned in people’s speeches. We all watched, as God and Israel were boo-ed!

      It is virtually impossible right now for the Democratic Party to be able to reach out to the Christian community with their current platform. Likewise, it is virtually impossible for Republicans to be able to effectively reach out to the non-Christian community.

      Often times the Republican Party presents itself as the Party on the side of God. The Republican Party, up until recent years, strongly adapted a Conservative ideology that promotes small government, low taxes, strong military and the creation of an environment where small business can be created to flourish.

      Conservatism promotes freedom of religion. However, they have adapted two un-negotiable items in their political platform that are the result of religious convictions: Same sex marriage and abortion. The Conservative movement has passionately made their stance very clear against same-sex marriage and abortion and I applaud them for it. The problem is that the laws on these maters are changing. Beloved, we are in a free country and there are ways to change things legally.

      Conservatism can only go so far; in this election America spoke very clearly against conservatism. No other President in the history of this nation has ever won an election with such terrible numbers in our economy, unemployment, deficit, etc. In any other time in history it could have been a very simple task to defeat the current President. However, President Obama ended up with a very clear Presidential victory, by far.

To be continued…


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