On President’s Obama’s Re-election

Well, today is November 7, 2012. Less than twenty-four hours ago, President Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected President of the United States. Four years ago he spoke to us about hope and change; now our President is talking about moving forward. President Obama’s victory yesterday was clear and convincing; he won the electoral and also the popular vote. America has spoken indeed!

         This nation is facing challenges that could dangerously affect generations to come. Some of those specific challenges are:

  1. A very weak economy.

  2. Our National Debt (Over 16 Trillion Dollars)

  3. Our Budget Deficit (Over a Trillion Dollars for the last four fiscal years; the highest in our history)

  4. High unemployment

  5. Terrorism

  6. Need for Immigration reform

  7. Social Security

  8. Others…

         Like many other Americans, I am making a commitment to pray for our President, the House and the Senate. These guys must learn to work together! They must move away from Radio personalities and get into effectively playing the political game on behalf of the people. After all, that is why they are called Public Servants.  My sincere expectation is that we will be able to indeed move FORWARD. I pray that our President finds the wisdom needed to find tangible and measurable solutions to the issues at hand.

         I believe that it is possible that in four years we could have a stronger America. It is important to notice that history has shown us that good things happen when Republicans and Democrats work together. Harry Truman and Bill Clinton did it successfully with remarkable results!

         For now, I will, as a humble citizen, continue to pay attention to the numbers that count. If our President moves this country forward towards a surplus in our fiscal years to come and if he is able to bring our national debt down in a significant way, without a doubt, President Obama will go down in history as one of the best Presidents in this nation’s history. If he does not…well, may God have mercy on his people as we see, with our own eyes, the beginning of the end of this great nation.

¿Quién Puede Entender Tu Amor?

¿Quién puede entender tu amor? A mi maravilloso Dios que ha sido tan bueno conmigo, ¿Cómo pasarlo por alto? Pues me encontré en montes de arrogancia y no me consumió, me humilló para el bien de mi alma. En el valle de indecisiones no me abandonó y en el desierto de mi dolor me sustentó.

¡Dios ha sido tan paciente conmigo! ¿Quién soy yo para que tenga consideración de mi? Soy tierra y fango comparado con Su gloria. A esta hora obscura cuando las emociones aprietan mi alma… ¡Oh que bueno es saber que tengo un Dios poderoso! Que bueno es saber que tengo un Dios que aún hoy decora los cielos de mi vida con los colores de esperanza del arco iris. Oh Jehová mi alma te alaba, mi alma te canta, mi alma te bendice pues tu misericordia a espantado el juicio del que soy merecedor y tu fidelidad me ha dado gran bendición que no merezco.

En esta noche fría encuentro calor bajo la sombra de tus alas. ¡Nadie como Tú oh Santo Padre! Eres mi pronto auxilio cuando grito por mi socorro, eres mi canción, mi melodía y un dulce abrazo en momentos de tribulación.  ¿Quién puede entender tu amor?

Please Vote!

I believe that whether you are a Liberal or Conservative, Republican or Democrat, white, black or Latino, we can agree that tomorrow’s election is one of the most, if not, the most important election of our time.

I am confident that tomorrow, by around this time, we will know if President Obama will be granted four more years or, if Governor Mitt Romney will be elected our new President. We don’t really know; if you listen to the liberals they are convinced that President Obama will win easily over Romney. If you listen to the conservative side they say that the polls are being manipulated and that they have the momentum coming into tomorrow’s election. I encourage you, no matter if you are a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent, to vote. In all, however, I know these:

  1. Neither one of these men can be considered Christians, but that does not means that we as Christians must stay home tomorrow. Read my article: “Who Should Christians Vote For”.

  2. God is going to have in the White House as President whomever He pleases. Don’t let rumors of voting fraud discourage you! Biblically speaking, we can see that God uses Leaders to be instruments of blessing or to carryout His judgment. We pray that whomever wins be an instrument of blessing.

  3. No matter who wins tomorrow, we the people of God are call to pray for our leaders.

  4. No matter who wins tomorrow, God will continue to be Almighty God.

God bless you!

The Big Numbers That Count the Most Part 2: Unemployment Rates Since 1920

Today we got news of our unemployment rate for this last month; we are now at a 7.9%. This announcement prompted me to go back and do a little research that took me all the way back to 1920. As I look at those statistics, I could not help but notice how blessed this nation has been through the years.

The last time unemployment was in the double digits in this nation was in 1940 under President Franklin D Roosevelt. We had some tough years from 1932 to 1940. In 1932, for example, we registered the largest unemployment rate in 92 years, 23.6%. However, under President Franklin D Roosevelt we also see the smallest unemployment rate in 92 years, 1.2%.

From 1946 to 1976 our general unemployment average was 4.8%. From 1978 to today our average is 6.25%. Under President Ronald Reagan we had the largest unemployment rate since 1940, 9.7%. Reagan’s unemployment numbers were not impressive at all. From 1997 to 2001 we saw unemployment stayed below five percent mostly under President Bill Clinton and the last year or so under President George W. Bush. George W. Bush’s unemployment average for his eight years as our president was 5.26%. For President Clinton, his eight year average was 5.2%. Wow! Amazing numbers!

When President Obama became President, even as we were facing financial challenges, the unemployment average was 5.8%. As we close President Obama’s four years in office his general unemployment rate average is 8.99%. In the opinion of many, Jimmy Carter is considered one of the worst Presidents in the history of the United States; during his four years as our President, his unemployment average was 6.6%. These, my friends, are the numbers that count.

This information was obtained using the following web sites: http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0104719.html http://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS14000000

Who Should Christians Vote For?

This is indeed a very important question and with more than twenty four million Evangelical Christians in this nation it is crucial that we give a possible answer. With this article I will attempt to give a very simple guide that can help us make an intelligent decision.

I must admit that as much as I love politics, this was the first time I actually considered not voting. However, as I prayed and meditated on this topic, I feel that the Lord ministered to my spirit and gave me wisdom on this matter. The right to vote, especially for minorities and women, should never be taken lightly. I prefer that you inform yourself before voting, but at the end of the day, no matter whom you vote for, please do not disregard this amazing privilege.

First, we must stop looking at the President as if we are voting for a Bishop or voting for any Church Government’s position. The presidency must be looked at one of many jobs that many of us are not skillful or qualified enough to do. Being President is a job; perhaps the most complicated and stressful job in the planet, nevertheless a job. When I found myself facing car problems I looked for the most qualified and affordable mechanic I could get. I didn’t ask the mechanic to give me his testimony of how he gave his life to the Lord; all I want is for him to know how to fix my car. At that moment I find myself in a need and I do business with someone to satisfy that need.

If one of my children is facing a terminal illness and after praying for him or her she or he is not getting any better, I take them to see the doctor. If surgery is needed, I want the most qualified doctor to perform that surgery. If Doctor House, from the TV series, were real, I’d probably prefer him.

These politicians know exactly what to say to gain our vote, but we must look at them intelligently. Many of these men that we gave our vote to thinking that they were Christians were either very young in their faith or simply not Christians at all. I saw an interview of President George W. Bush where he stated that people could get save outside of Jesus; he also added that the Bible is just a guide. Nevertheless, we Evangelicals voted for this man on the basis of his supposed confession to Christianity. Have we ever had a true Christian in the White House?

We must have a practical way to determine whom we, as Christians, should vote for. I wrote an article entitled “10 Things I want From Our President.” In that article I found my personal guide that I hope it can serve as a guide for many Christian:

1.I want a President that will ensure religious freedom:I would prefer that our President be a Christian, but he must also be skillful and qualified to do the job. Because you are a Christian that does not automatically make you the best choice for President of the United States. He doesn’t necessarily need to be a Christian, but he must allow me and everybody else to freely practice our religion as established by our Founder Fathers.

2.I want a President that will be bold and brave enough to unashamedly make a stand against abortion and same sex marriage.

3.I want a President that understands that we are at war and that we will indeed always have enemies. For that, we must continue to have the strongest military forces in the world.

4.I want a President that will make it a priority to balance our budget, eliminate our debt, eliminate wasteful spending, and give this nation surplus: Living within our means is applicable to the Government also!

5.I want a President that will promote the creation of an environment where small businesses are not treated as our enemies, but as our economy’s greatest assets: I want a President that welcomes and promotes success, not punishes it!

6.I want a President with a profound understanding of the government’s constitutional role and limits his powers and interventions to just that.

7.I want a President that will actively and effectively deal, confront and resolve our illegal immigration problem.

8.I want a President that will actively and effectively confront and resolve our Social Security Benefit upcoming issue before it becomes a crisis.

9.I want a President that will totally revolutionize our welfare system: I want a welfare system that will stop all able bodies from having the Government make a living for them. I want a government that will define those in true need as the elderly, disabled, and those that are facing temporary hardship and are in need of TEMPORARY assistance. I want a President that will not be afraid of eliminating all programs that are statistically ineffective. If a program is needed, but the government is not doing their job, then trust the Private sector to do the job.

10. I want a President that will promote a Government with sufficient regulations to ensure that no business is taking advantage of another. However, a government that will not have so many regulations, that complying with the regulation will significantly affect the freedom of the private sector and their time and ability to offer a quality product.