I received this word while in prayer on November 28, 2012,


“This nation of the United States of America stands divided in all areas. Families are divided, neighborhoods are divided, towns are divided, cities are divided and states are divided. The United States is politically divided, but the greatest pain of my heart is that my church is deeply divided, as well. America is crumbling down like bricks of sand. I stand and I look for a people that will turn their hearts towards Me; a people that will not add anything else to my name and the power of my glory. Liberals have completely turned their backs on Me; some, just like Peter, are preferring to deny me in order to gain political power. President Obama is the President of my choice for this hour, for no leader is elected without my approval. But these are times of great distress and more distress is to come. I am fed-up with the arrogance of the Conservatives, for they have a form of godliness, but they deny my power. Conservatism is not your hope, conservatism is not your home, fiscal responsibility is not your hope, the pride of America is not your hope…I am your hope! Look at the cross and find there the power to resurrect, the power to save and the power to bring forth my blessing over this nation. My anger against you is greater, for you are cowards and you hide on the wings of a political ideology and you worship Men that do not please me. I Am the Way, I Am the Door, says the Lord; only I can change a man’s heart, a family, a neighborhood, a town, a city, a community and this whole nation. My judgment will start in my house…Church, prepare the way of the Lord, bring down the idols of denominations and be my bride. For I love you every day, for I love you every second and every moment. My house is filled with spots and wrinkles…prepare the way, for I am raising prophets at this hour and you will kill many of them, not necessarily by the sword, but by ridicules, disqualifications and rejections. But I will speak through them, for even now I am speaking, says the Lord.”

One response to ““A Word for the Heart of America’s Politics””

  1. Dennis Owen Avatar
    Dennis Owen

    This may be the message we need to hear most this (and every Advent)—don’t let the condition of the world, the circumstances of your life, or the stress of the season weigh you down. Hope in Jesus!


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