Dealing With The Desire To Be Famous Part I

Vana Gloria

Is it wrong to desire to be famous? In our society it is commonly acceptable to be known and loved by the many. Who, in his or her right mind, wants to be unknown?

Responsible parents are taught to make sure that they react with great pride every time their children bring in an “A” from school. In the playground our children look forward for ways to impress us. Being accepted and praised for what we do is something that gives us a good feeling.

As we grow up in school we see that it is the great athlete or the one with an extraordinary popular talent who gets all the praise, who gets the most beautiful girls and the respect and admiration of others. So we crave that, we envy that fame and we want to be like them. Many will find their own ways to be famous and win the acceptance of others; many others will imitate others and do whatever it takes looking for the same fame and acceptance.

But the question still stands, is it wrong to desire to be famous?


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