Pointing a Gun¡

People are constantly getting ready. Getting ready to go to work, getting ready to go to a party, getting ready to watch their favorite show on TV, getting ready for this and getting ready for that. But are we ready for death?

Near death experiences have a way of teaching us what is really important. Several years ago on a dark and lonely road in Jacksonville, Florida a very quick movie of what is really important crossed my mind as two men pointed a gun to my head. Just a few weeks ago I had the same video showing in my mind as I blacked-out on HWY 13 in Gates County, North Carolina and found myself against traffic and loosing control of my car, unable to see who was coming or going. I am sure you can tell us stories of near death experiences in your own life.

At forty-five years old I have concluded that at the end only two things are really important: What did we do with Jesus and our family? Our relationship with Christ will determine the destination of our soul. Our relationship with our families is a vital indicator of how we live our lives on this earth.

I see people making decisions, going by their days without acknowledging, without giving even a thought to God. I see them distracted with friends, with their technological toys, not even convicted for their lack of a prayer life. I see families more focused on Facebook, Twitter and various media outlets than they are on each other. Families that have not had a deep conversation with one another in years going about their business; nobody listening to anybody, nobody interested on how the other person feels, husbands and wives not really talking to each other, kids with plenty of free time without parental supervision as time continues to go on. But then out of nowhere, the bad news came: “Mom has cancer!” “Your son was in a terrible accident!” “Dad just had a stroke!” “My sister just had a heart attack!”.

Why wait? Give your life to the Lord by repenting of your sins and making Jesus Christ your Lord. For the sons and daughters, honor your parents and for the parents love your children and stop letting them do whatever they want…be a parent! Life is truly short, lets get ready so that when our day comes to face death…we are able to so with a smile!


For prayer request please feel free to write me at angelcasiano@aol.com I promise you I will pray for you and give you Biblical advise as I receive instructions from the Lord!

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