If You Only Knew


If you only knew what a failure I am, my past sins and my current struggles. If you only knew about the dark hour of my soul. If you only knew about the things that I have said, the things that I have done and what crosses my mind sometimes. If you only knew about the nastiness of my soul. I have failed everything and everyone; fallen short as a son, as a father, as a husband, as friend and as a man of God. If you only knew that I am nobody; destined to be nobody without the mercy of my God. Please do not fill my ears with titles…please do not place me in a pedestal and do not place your hope in me, for I will fail you. But if you can look a little closer, know that I am looking at Jesus, that I am desperate for HIS manifestation in my life. Look a little closer and see that it was the Lord that has brought me this far; that it was the Lord that gave me back inspiration; that it was the Lord that restored the songs of my heart for HIM, that it was the Lord that opened my mouth and gave me the fire to preach His Word again. Oh yes! If you only knew how disqualified I am, that in me, in my flesh, there is nothing good. But know this…that God has not left me, that HE is not done with me and that the banner of His love covers me. In that banner, in the midst of my humanity, I find hope and a divine purpose that goes beyond my name and what many make me to be…God will have His way in me and if that happens before my last hour in this dimension of life …then…Praise the Lord…To Him and only to Him be the glory! If you only knew!