In Honor of our Soldiers

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I want to thank you, the wives of soldiers because when they came home you were there faithfully waiting for them. I want to thank you, the sons and the daughters of soldiers because you could have grown angry at the fact that they were not there for some of your birthdays, sport events, recitals and when you were sick and lonely…You could have been angry at your dad or mom as they fought for this nation, but you honor them with your respect and admiration by doing your part, doing well at school and doing everything with excellence.

Thank you soldiers…you who are still alive and still carry the scars of war on your bodies and in your minds… because of you I am free! Thank you soldiers who came back to an empty home, whose wives did not wait for you any longer, whose children rebelled against you and your sacrifices for this nation. Thank you soldiers, who are now looking for jobs and can’t fine one, but who are still willing to go back and fight for our freedom.

And thank you soldiers, you who took the bullets that could have killed me or one of my loved ones. You took those bullets so that we may remain free from the bondages of oppressive political groups…Today, I can relax, barbecue in my back yard, and have the constitutional right to say and write what is on my heart because of you…Today, I am free because you gave your life…THANK YOU!

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