We had a wonderful time last year in our First Gates County Summer Camp; however, we should get better every year. In our pursuit for excellence, we feel compelled to make a few points very clear to avoid misunderstandings:

1. Our summer camp is not a place where kids come JUST to have FUN:

Our summer camp is hard, challenging, and serious; not to say that we will not have fun.  If your child is allergic to sweating and challenges, this may not be the camp for him/her. We will be challenged spiritually, mentally, and physically.

2. Our summer camp is not a place to hangout or a baby- sitting center:

We have a minute-by-minute schedule of activities. All students MUST participate in those activities; unless, he or she is unable to due to physical impediment. Students don’t come to do whatever they want; students come to learn what we have to teach. This is not Burger King; sorry but they can’t have it their way!

3. Our summer camp is not a place to find your next girl friend or boy friend:

Last year, we dismissed a couple of students that brought in a lot of drama over there little romantic involvement. We don’t have time for that!

4. Our summer camp is not for students that just want to come in for a week or two:

Our summer camp is for students that are willing to work hard in order to be able to test at the end of the camp. We have two students that could become black belts at the end of the camp. We have students that will try to move up to Purple Belt, Blue Belt, Brown and others that will try to come out of the lower ranks. We have a lot of work to do to get those students prepared and we would rather focus on them. We understand that our students may miss a day or two or even a week as they enjoy family summer vacation…there is flexibility for that, but unless the student has an intention to test at the end of our seven-week summer camp, it is best that he/she finds another camp.

5. As always, I will financially work with anybody:

However, if you are looking for freebies, you may want to consider other camps.

6. I am not here to follow up with the Baptist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian or any other denominational doctrine:

We will teach directly out of God’s Word and we will be challenged to change and be more like Jesus as we learn to make HIM the Lord of our lives. For those that are not saved, they will be presented with the Gospel. We are not looking for numbers or just a mouth confession with no heart involvement; we are looking for fruit.

7. The ages for the camp are eight to seventeen years old: There may be some exceptions!

8. New students that have never taken martial arts are accepted with the same conditions as everybody else.

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