What Is The Perfect Church for You? Part 3

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So what is the perfect church for us? I know that very quickly in my Christian walk this thing that we called church and the gathering together on Sundays to do the same thing Sunday after Sunday got very old to me. I could not see the point of people gathering on Sundays and then be disconnected from each other the rest of the week. As a matter of fact, when I missed a Sunday they have folk that will follow up with you to make sure you were ok…I did appreciate that, but they always start by saying: “I miss you in church Sunday”. So I knew, from the beginning, that church is much more than just coming together on Sundays.

      As I pray looking for answers I knew that in Hebrews the Bible pretty much command us to gather together. I discover that it was not the gathering together that I had a problem with, but what we did or did not when doing so.

      The Lord then revealed to me that the church was like a Gym…a Spiritual Gym. That made senses to me very quickly. The problem is that I know what it is to go to a Gym and see people just talking. They went to the Gym, but never really had a workout. I am afraid that we do the same with the church, we gather together, but we are not experiencing any changes.

      In the natural Gym we must engage in cardio and strength exercises; we must also be careful that we don’t fall into a plateau. A plateau takes place when we do the same over and over. When that happens we will lose no weight. So we need to engage in muscle confusion, change things up some, change our routine, increase the weight lifting, run a little faster, incorporate new exercises, etc. Change does not stay there, if we do not make changes in our eating habits, in what we allow to go into our bodies…that time in the gym, even if is done right, could be a waste.

      I learn then to look at the church as a Spiritual Gym. Just as our bodies are supposed to change for the better when we faithfully workout in the natural Gym, we are suppose to be changing spiritually and emotionally.

To be continued…

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