What Is The Perfect Church for You?




Well, you may say: “There is nobody perfect, therefore there is no perfect church.” But here I am not using the word perfection in the traditional sense of being perfect, but in terms of its perfect purpose.

      If the main reason I have a car is for that car to take me from point A to point B and back and, the car is able to do so, then my mission is accomplished. It may not be the prettiest car, it may not be the coolest or the most luxurious car, but if I am strictly using it for transportation purposes then, that car is all I need. It may be one with a horrible paint job, dirty, etc. However if that ugly car is fulfilling its function, it is indeed the perfect car for me. Now, if my main objective with that car is to win The Prestigious Daytona 500 this is definitely not the perfect car for me or, if I need to carry heavy equipment then I don’t need this car all together, I need a truck.

      When it comes down to the perfect church for us as individuals, what is the perfect one for us? What is the church that we really need? Many will say what almost everyone says: I want a church that preaches and teaches the Bible. I want a church that believes in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a church that believes in the full power available for all of us through the blood of Jesus and through the Holy Spirit, etc. But are they really?

Then we add other reasons such as: I want a church with a strong children’s ministry, a church that is not too loud, a church where the service don’t last too long so that I can watch my favorite TV shows and enjoy the rest of the Sunday, a church where the preacher is calm and not too into my business, a church where I can “showcase” my gift, a Spanish speaking church, a Black Church, a White Church, a church where they play salsa or maybe a country style of music or perhaps more contemporary or hymns, etc, etc. etc. What we are really saying is that we want a church where we can continue to be who we are.

To be continued…

2 comments on “What Is The Perfect Church for You?”

    1. Hey Debra, I am so glad that this word was a blessing to you. I write what feel the Lord is telling me to write, but I don’t know how people are receiving the message until they leave a comment. God bless you my sister!


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