What Is Idolatry? Part 4



I want to emphasize on those that tremble at the sound of God’s voice. God is looking for people that will obey HIM. God is looking for people that will stop making excuses when God tells them to do something and will do what He tells them to do; people like Noah, who engage in building an ark in preparation for a flood that was coming during a time when rain was inexistent.

      God is looking for people like Abraham who was called to leave his country, his friends and his family. Abraham left with the promise of a land and the start of a nation with his seed, even as he was already seventy-five years old and his wife was not able to have children.

      God is looking for people like Moses who left the comfort and power of Egypt to come against it as he allowed God to use him to deliver Israel out of the hands of the very ones he grew up with.

      God is looking people like Daniel who never compromised his loyalty to God in the midst of the evil Babylon.

      God is looking for people like king Josiah who brought down the idols out of the low and high places.

      God is looking for people like the prophets and the Apostles who gave their lives and stood until the end for what they believe.

      These were not perfect men; the Bible actually recorded the sin of many of them. They sinned because of their sinful nature and their unrestored soul, however their worship belonged to God and God alone.

      Are you still getting a hold of that book, even as you know that it is satanic and is bonding your spirit? Are you still listening to that music that is not pleasing to God? Are you still wearing those clothes filled with demonic symbolisms? Are you still watching those movies even as the idea of good and evil is distorted?

      Are you still involved in that relationship even as it is taking you away from the Lord? Bad relationships are an ideal tool of the devil to pull us away from the Lord. These relationships affect us at our flesh level because of the sexual desires: at a soul level as they take over our hearts, emotions and thought processes: and in a spiritual level because they become our focus. No longer will we live to please God; we live to please this person and engage in doing things that are totally against God’s will.

      Beloved, even as worship to God is done in spirit and in truth, when it come down to the Devil, because he is the father of all lies, it is pleasing to him that you worship him even if you don’t know it. God is a God of truth, so worship to Him requires truth. Worship to the Devil, weather you are aware of your worship or not, it does not matter, is just as good for him.

      The Devil will get a hold of your spirit and take you into a place where you will lose all sensitivity to God’s presence. The Devil will continue to pull you away from God until he can kill, steal and destroy your destiny in God.

To be continued…


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