Do we have a clear understanding of what is a regular sin and what is the sin of idolatry? For the believer, sin is not something we look forward to; but when that thing has become an idol, we can’t wait to do it. The true believer will be miserable sinning; the idolater will enjoy temporary happiness until his/her idolatry destroys him.


      Then what are giants? What is the difference between a giant and idols?

      Giants we fear; idols we worship! A giant get’s a hold of your flesh; the idol gets a hold of your spirit. Both, the giant and the idol are designed to keep us from conquering the promise land of our destiny, but they use different mechanism.

      The giant comes to challenge our faith and to question the power of God to deliver. The idol comes to swallow our spirit and to offer a replacement for God, altogether.

      The idol is what takes away any hope of victory over the giant. When you are dealing with a giant, you know it is wrong; when you are dealing with an idol, you are so blinded that you can’t see that it is wrong. God will fight against the giants of your life for you, but you must destroy your own idols.

      Both, the idol and the giant work together in perfect partnership to offer a one-two blow designed to send you straight to hell.

To be continued…

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