May the Lord give you an Upper Room experience all the days of your life. May you never leave the Carpenter’s Shop so that the Lord may continue to do a deep work in you. May the Lord fill you with Abundant Hope so that you never be depressed; may you indeed be blessed with New Hope every single morning. May you be successful in your Community Outreach. May you experience a revival greater than Welch.  May the Lord show you the promise land of your destiny from Mount Nebo. May you be able to enter and conquer everything that the Lord has for you. May you always live with the excitement of a New Vision, may you always find yourself in Higher Grounds and may you always find your way in the midst of many Crossroads. This is my prayer…in Jesus name…Amen!

Thank you to all the pastors I had the honor to develop a relationship with: Pastor Sandy, Pastor Jon, Pastor García, Pastor David Metz, Bishop Griffin,  Pastor Griffin, Pastor Wallace, Pastor Erick, Pastor James Brown, Pastor Faircloth Jr., Pastor Ray Faircloth Senior and others.

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