Advice For Worship Leaders

Worship Leader

I have to tell you guys that I did not always follow this advice, but I know it works when I did:

1. Pursue holiness: We must first worship God with the way we live our lives.

2. Worship in your secret place: Sing to the Lord, play your instrument, express your worship to Him in a place where there is only you and HIM.

3. Talent is not enough: Our churches are filled with very talented musicians and singers, but they lack the anointing. That is because of a lack of a prayer life and ungodly lifestyles. Keep the message of holiness and purity at the center of your teachings. Create and atmosphere where your team is free to confess and repent and always approach sin with restoration as the goal.

4. Get the rest of the worship team involved: Stay away from the One-Man Show approach in your church services. Let others sing. Be willing to let others lead songs. Remember, it is not about you. The more you sing, the more you are putting on a show. The more others sing, the more you are actually leading others into worship.

5. Get the congregation involved: You may have the most beautiful song coming out of the congregation. The sound of the congregation fully involved in worship is your second most important job. Being a singer or a musician is a ministry like many others and it should be used for the glory of God and for the service of His people. When the people are worshipping, you have done your job.

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