8 Things That Get on My Last Nerves

As I grow older I notice that there are a few things that really get on my last nerves and I really need God to help me deal with these things:

  1. Liberalism: It is the “everything goes” mentality, it is the denial of any absolutes, it is the promotion of the victim mentality, the exaltation of the entailments, it is using past injustices to justify present mediocrity, etc. It is bad for America and it is bad for the world.

  2. Racism: The arrogance of some thinking that they are better than others. It comes from white to black, from black to white, from Latinos to Black, from black to Latinos, from the folk in the south to the folks in the west, from the folks from this family to the folks of this other family and vice versa and etc. It is all-ridiculous to me.

  3. Denominations in churches and styles in Martial Arts: I see similar arrogance in both; the ones that think that their denomination carries the Gospel Truth and the ones that believe that their styles are the best.

  4. Church services that purposely look the same Sunday after Sunday: The God in the Bible is exciting, why are we not allowing that God to be manifested in our lives and in our coming together.

  5. People that worship our Founder Fathers and totally ignore their hypocrisy as it refers to their treatment of slaves: I love this country and respect our history, but to ignore our founders hypocrisy is as bad as folks that continue to use slavery as an excuse to not excel in society.

  6. Our liberal press and the power they have to mess up somebody’s image: The press can make you look stupid or smart; good or evil, innocent or guilty. That kind of power combined with many uninformed people, make up a tragic combination.

  7. Looking at Political Conservatism and Christianity as being the same: Being a conservative does not make you or me a Christian. Conservatism or our constitution is not the answers for our problems. God and His principles given to us through His Word are the only answers and hope for our nation.

  8. The greed of Capitalism: Even as I enjoy our freedom and been alive in the land of opportunities, there is a greed that comes out of capitalism in an ideology that promotes long hours of work that completely minimizes the importance of prayer and quality time with the family.

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