A Word For Christian/Conservative Minorities

We, Christian minorities, who identified ourselves politically with the Conservative ideology, are fully aware of the brutality of the injustices committed against our ancestors.

We do not close our eyes to this nation’s historical hypocrisy and contradictions. We are also fully aware of the current existence of the spirit of racism. We love our people and we fight for the betterment of mankind, but we fight differently.

We do not fight raising the banner of complaint or the banner of blaming. We take a deep look at ourselves and take responsibility for our own actions.

The atrocity of slavery and even the current injustices that we may suffer are not free tickets to embrace a life of mediocrity, to live immoral lifestyles and to embrace the spirit of violence against others and against ourselves.

Rules have not changed as the result of the pain and suffering of slavery and current injustices. We do not fight by killing, but by loving each other.

Thanks be to my ancestors, for I am free enough to follow God at will. Thanks be to my ancestors, for I am free enough to learn to read, to educate myself, to have access to higher education, to get a job and to make a living. Thanks be to my ancestors, for I can vote, I can run for office, I can open my own business, I can practice any sport and I can even have the opportunity of being the next president.

We bless each other with our words, not curse each other daily and cry racism when somebody else does it. Oh, we fight, but we fight differently! We follow the truth that is only found in God’s Word. We call a lie a lie, even when it comes from our own people. We believe that God is showing us the truth and it is that truth that makes us free.

God has set me free and He is more powerful than any spirit that will rise up against me just because of the color of my skin. We bring down the idols of our hearts and we allow the Lord to fight our battles.

We forgive because it is our duty as Christians to do so, because God forgave us first and because bitterness is contrary to the ordinance of my God. We refuse to sing the songs of the agitators, the false prophets and teachers that walk around with ecumenical titles as they enslave our people to the idols of liberalism.

We are thankful and find inspiration in men like Frederick Douglass who became the conscience of the abolition that God gave us through Abraham Lincoln. We thank God and also find inspiration in men like Martin Luther King who fought a fight that seemed foolish, but did more to our civil rights than any other loud mouth in our present history.

It is sad to say, but some of our ancestors were freer than many of us, even in their slavery, for they knew God in ways many of us never will. There bodies were enslaved, but their spirits had knowledge and an intimacy with God that liberalism will never be able to match, nor promote. They waited on the Lord and the Lord did not fail them.

We encourage young people to look up to the mountains and to place all of their trust in a God that will never leave us nor forsake us. We believe that we are more than conquerors and not victims. We believe in making a living and in only depending on God and not the Government; for we teach dignity to our people.

Oh we fight, but we fight to make a change, not just to throw punches to the air with fancy loud motivational speakers. We pursue loving God above all things and we pursue loving all people not just those who look like us. For the Bible tells us in First Corinthians 13:8 that, “Love never fails…”

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