Are You Really Ready For a Real Street Fight?


In a violent street fight there are no rules, no point-system hits, no tap-outs, no break every three minutes, no referee, no rules that protect the back of your head or below your waist. A violent street fight is not about belts, it’s not about a trophy or how perfect your kata looks, or about a title. It’s not about looking good or promoting your style.


            A real violent street fight is about one thing and one thing only, Survival. If when faced with somebody that wants to steal from you, you are able to live to tell the story, you are a winner. If you can talk yourself or run out of that situation unharmed, you are a winner.


            In a violent street fight everything around you is to be used to your advantage; any object, the floor and the wall are there for you to use if need-be. In a violent street fight no part of your opponent’s body is off-limits. On the street there is no such thing as fighting dirty, you are fighting for your life.


            As a Martial Arts Instructor I find it irresponsible for us not to recreate, as much as possible, real street fight scenarios. Our dojos are consumed with the point-system approach of fighting and with Katas. Many dojos, even when presenting self-defense techniques are really failing to present real life scenarios.


            The primary goal of traditional martial arts is to develop character. That character development will help us to stay away from people, situations and places that will lead to violence. Character helps us to fight without throwing a punch by being alert and aware of what is around us.


            The second goal of traditional martial arts is for the martial artist to be able to effectively defend himself, his family, the innocent and the weak, even if that means to loose his/her own life in the process.


            There is nothing wrong with the belts, trophies and tournaments, but we must keep in mind what the priorities are.

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