God is not Liberal and God is not Conservative

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What we, as Christians, MUST desperately understand is that God is not Democrat: Liberals, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the NAACP, etc. God is not Republican: Conservatives, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, The Tea Party, etc.

God is God all by Himself and we are called to know HIM personally. In order to know HIM personally we MUST be born again, we must read and study the Bible, we must pray according to HIS will and we must listen and obey HIS voice.

God is our only HOPE. He is greater than any nation, He is more powerful than any racist spirit and through HIM we can do all things. That is regardless of what anybody can say and do, regardless of who is in power, regardless of verdicts, regardless of racism, regardless of the condition of the economy, statistics, discrimination and even our own limitations. To blame the “White Man” for our failures is disrespectful to the power of my God.

My God is the God of justice, He is Love and He will cause the last to be first and the first to be last. He takes what is not and make it something amazing. He takes the unqualified and placed him/her in positions of power.

He has anointed us as Christians to set the captives free and to spread the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our past can’t bring us down, slavery could not eliminate us and even Hell itself can’t overcome us. We belong to God; we belong to a big God!

Stop whining, stop looking at yourself as a victim, stop the entitlement mentality, get up, give your heart to God, follow HIM and trust Him in all of your ways and He will prosper you even as your soul prosper. No matter what you are going through, no matter the color of your skin, etc. This is not my word, but a message from the Lord for you this day.

1 comments on “God is not Liberal and God is not Conservative”

  1. It is amazing to me that every time a republican talks about God, he always ties it into politics. During the time Jesus walked the earth, the ones who were looking for the Messiah to come were looking for him to be political. Just like the republicans of today, even though they put the car stickers on their vehicles, NOTW, they are more of this world than the people who don’t claim that. The whole idea that God had was to give mankind the freedom to be sinful, and even be a lost sinner if the person so desires. That was the plan from the beginning. But just like the Pharisees during the time of Jesus, the right wing always has to tell the world how to live. That was not the plan of God. He did that in the Old Testament using Prophets. As we understand now that was only done to point us to a Savior or Messiah. Now before I go any farther, what kind of PERSON would allow billions of people to be lost or be lost sinners. A CONSERVATIVE ? I THINK NOT! When the Father allows the Son to live like crap in the parable of the Prodigal Son, what kind of father would allow him to go live like that. Now you need to know that to an Orthodox Jew believed the pig was the worst and most unclean animal there was. It ate anything and were filthy dirty. Now what kind of father would allow a son to go live and eat what the pigs ate. A CONSERVATIVE? I THINK NOT! I think that conservatives don’t like God’s plan so they insert their own because they know far more than God! IT is amazing to me that republicans who think they know God and the plan of God and raise hell with the world. For your information, that was God’s plan to allow the world to be lost in order to then save the world thru Jesus. You know the parable of the Sower. Well that is how it is suppose to work. As we whom are Christians, reach out to the lost world in a spirit of love, knowing full well that we were lost and forgiven by the Grace of God, then we are fulfilling the WILL OF GOD. As Apostle Paul said, we all don’t reap but some water, some fertilize, but God makes it grow. That is how the plan is suppose to work, not by legislating our religious beliefs on people! God didn’t want your plan! HIS PLAN! I hope all who read this will understand this but Jesus said that not all will, which is evident. Thru out the ages the problem with the world has been right wing, whether it be during the time of Jesus, which were the Pharisees, the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, or even today in the US.


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