Farewell From Sensei Angel Casiano

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Today is the end of our Martial Arts Program in this region. We will close with a Rank Testing at 1:00 PM. After the test Angelo, my son will bless us with some homemade pizzas.

      Today, the best of the best of my students will be testing; I must add to that list Mr. Pat Brabble from Ahoskie, who supported our program faithfully.

      Many started, but only a few made it all the way to end. We will never claim to be the best, but we, without a doubt, did our best. Your children exercised their body, their souls and their spirit. The Gospel was presented and we made ourselves available to disciple.

      Perhaps, this Martial Arts Program was a small contribution to this community; but without a doubt it was my greatest contribution. I love you all and will remember you in my prayers.

      In a couple of weeks my family and I will be starting our new lives in the great state of Alaska. Only God knows if I will continue teaching Martial Arts. If this is the end, I am well pleased! I sincerely thank all the parents that trusted us with their children. No one can take away what they learned from us.

God bless you all,

Sensei Angel Casiano

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