The hot phone

Prayer is consider by many a spiritual exercise with very little importance. That is why many Christians do not pray much. We want to do, do and do everything and, if there is time, pray.

      We are a society that teaches us that staying busy is the way to go. This is the reason we end-up tired, depress and frustrated.

      The right order is to pray, pray and pray some more, get God involved in our affairs as the one with the first and last word and then, follow HIS instructions. The “Doing” after the “Listening to God’s Instructions” equals “Effectiveness”. Matthew 11:30 tells us,

“For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” (NKJV)


      God’s yoke is easy and His burden is light; the problem is that we make it our yoke and our burden. It is then that tiredness, depression and frustration sets residence in our hearts and minds.

      Don’t allow anything or anybody to move you away from that spiritual zone of knowing what needs to get done today. Don’t allow anything or anybody to move you away from God’s agenda; any other agenda is Satanic.

      Stop answering the phone some times, stop wasting your time with conversations of no value, cut some worthless relationships out, stop listening to the devil that speaks through negative people that want nothing to do with God. Learn to say “no” and stay focus on Jesus and HIS instructions.

      These things may be consider rude to some, but when Jesus call the disciples they had excuses to delay His calling, but Jesus did not even accept the dead of a father as an excuse. (Matthew 8:21-22) This is an extreme case, but it teaches us the vital importance of following Jesus.

      Today is a good day to be thankful, to look back at all that God has done and continue to do for us. Today is a good day to listen to HIM, to make HIM the Captain of our lives and to simply follow HIS instructions.

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