The Heart of Liberalism and Conservatism

American politics

Liberalism establishes itself as being for the poor; however in its heart, Liberalism is all about what you can do for me. Conservatism establishes itself as being for hard work and personal growth; but at its heart, the reality of Conservatism is that you are on your own.

Liberalism is about what you can give me, with very little or no concern to the concept of earning what we are getting and very little or no concern for the fact that somebody else is paying for it.

Conservatism is about what I can get through my hard work and the freedom provided by Capitalism; that is, with very little concern for those that are being left behind. It is nothing more than “survival of fittest.”

Liberalism has no problem with receiving something that is paid for by others; Conservatism has no problem making big money through big business while the people that work for them earn minimum wage and little or no health benefits.

Both Liberalism and Conservatism are dependent systems. The Conservative works harder, but in order to make money it will underpay its workers and over charge for its products; all of which is legal under the umbrella of Capitalism.

Liberalism is maintained by political power and they have found a very successful and attractive formula: promote a dependent on the government society, create programs to solve problems that should be solved by individuals, maintain those programs even if problems are not resolved. All of this dependency is placed under the umbrella of “it is all for a good cause; results and accountability don’t matter.”

If the Conservative side comes against these programs, the Liberals accuse them of being evil, insensitive and careless.

Liberalism has found greater power in politics; conservatism has found its power in Corporate America.

This, my friends, is American politics; this is where we, the voters, are trapped in. So what is our hope?

One response to “The Heart of Liberalism and Conservatism”

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    What ever happened to working hard, then paying it forward. If we lived by what the word said, then we as a socity would work hard, give to God, take care of our families, then give to those who really cannot do for themselves. In that Order. It is Gods plan for citazinship. I guess what I am saying is that I ould rather pick and choose where to help and to whom to help then be taxed into it. I have no problem helping someone get back on their feet. I have no problem taking care of the widow and the orphan. I don’t even have a problem helping someone who made worng choices and has paid their debt get back on their feet. When the church let the Government take over the things the church should be doing then the result is a failing culture. Are we Doomed?


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