What Is Sanctification? Part 2

The Gospel is under attack as others are coming up with other ideas on how to be saved. Sanctification seems to be an old-fashioned recommendation and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost is not preached in many of our, so-called, Christian denominations. It’s almost as if the pages that explain and describe this wonderful and powerful experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit have been ripped from the Bible for this sector of our family of faith.

      The reason for this crisis is because sound doctrine is designed to challenge the way we live our lives and tells us how to embrace a lifestyle that is acceptable before the Lord. Sound doctrine will tell us what to do and what not to do; and nobody likes to be told what to do.

      We have embraced a way of thinking that establishes our imperfection as an excuse to embrace such imperfection. Our way of thinking has also managed to disqualify everybody from correcting us because after all, nobody is perfect.

To be continued…

What Is Sanctification?

Recently I joined the Church of God in Christ. Pastor Joel Hornbuckle (Senior Pastor of the Lily of the Valley Church of God in Christ in Fairbanks, Alaska) and I connected in the Spirit immediately. I am very impressed with the Church of God in Christ’s history and I am so glad that in this season of my life the Lord has brought me here. As we started our conversation, Pastor Hornbuckle presented me with the Official Manual of the Church of God in Christ.

      I felt an excitement in my spirit about reading that manual, and I did. What started as a great curiosity to learn about the Church of God in Christ’s history and doctrine became the deepest study I have personally done on what is known as The Second Work of Grace, Sanctification.

      It seems like today’s days no one likes to talk too much about doctrine. Even the mention of doctrine is synonymous with arguing, division and, at times, fights. So people stay away from doctrine; if you are a guest pastor somewhere, you just preach a feel good message about everybody getting rich. In this way, you can assure your next invitation.

      I believe that what we have right now is a crisis of sound doctrine. All of the three works of grace are under demonic attack within the church walls.

To be Continued…

Hope Is Not In Politics or In Constitutions


The world will never change using government or politics as an instrument of change for the better. Democrats, republicans, conservatives and liberals will bow down and are now doing so to the ways of the god of this world.

Ideologies such as democracy or communism, socialism or even capitalism will end as great rhetoric expressions. The constitution will eventually be amended to reflect the heart of a morally decayed society.

The world will only positively change from the inside out of the Body of Christ. From our own hearts, it will spread like fire. It will bring many in for the last harvest as we prepare our hearts for the rapture of the church where we will be transformed instantly.

As we prepare for the second coming of the Lord, for the glorious millennium and for the New Jerusalem let us praise and worship our God with gladness. So much to look forward to!

We will no longer see the Lord through the mirror of our own interpretations, denominations and man-made religion, but will see HIM as He is and will dwell with HIM forever and ever…Amen!