What Is Sanctification?

Recently I joined the Church of God in Christ. Pastor Joel Hornbuckle (Senior Pastor of the Lily of the Valley Church of God in Christ in Fairbanks, Alaska) and I connected in the Spirit immediately. I am very impressed with the Church of God in Christ’s history and I am so glad that in this season of my life the Lord has brought me here. As we started our conversation, Pastor Hornbuckle presented me with the Official Manual of the Church of God in Christ.

      I felt an excitement in my spirit about reading that manual, and I did. What started as a great curiosity to learn about the Church of God in Christ’s history and doctrine became the deepest study I have personally done on what is known as The Second Work of Grace, Sanctification.

      It seems like today’s days no one likes to talk too much about doctrine. Even the mention of doctrine is synonymous with arguing, division and, at times, fights. So people stay away from doctrine; if you are a guest pastor somewhere, you just preach a feel good message about everybody getting rich. In this way, you can assure your next invitation.

      I believe that what we have right now is a crisis of sound doctrine. All of the three works of grace are under demonic attack within the church walls.

To be Continued…

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