To be practical, lets talk about a couple that are engaged to marry. They both want to have sex just as much as anybody else. Holiness tells them to avoid finding themselves in situations where they could engage in sexual relationships. Holiness tells them that they must marry soon to avoid falling into that great temptation. They are struggling, but there level of commitment towards sanctification keeps them away from fornication. What a beautiful thing for a couple to remain sexually pure before marriage!

      On the other hand, if the same couple is not as committed to sanctification, they will look for opportunities to have sex, will engage in having sex and will indeed pay the consequence for allowing themselves to fall into sexual and immoral sin.

      The many times that I fell in sexual sin happen because I totally ignored the wisdom of sanctification. I regret the reality of my failures and for years I embrace a mindset of condemnation. But Repentance brought forth God’s forgiveness and restoration. I still needed to pay the consequences of disrespecting God and sinning against Him, but I can have assurance in my spirit that God has given me another chance.

      The sanctify vessel flees from situations that can tempt them to fall in sin. The un-sanctify person runs into temptation; that is what I did many times. Repentance then becomes the key, but repentance should always lead us to sanctification.

To be continued…

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