There is deep racism in the Body of Christ; it can’t be camouflaged, it can’t be sugarcoated and it can’t continue to be swept under the carpet. It is a serious issue and it must be sincerely addressed.

      The spirit of racism is rooted in the very foundation of this nation’s history as our greatest hypocrisy. It is expected from the world, but the church must be severely confronted with this sickness. I keep hearing the Lord telling me that He demands multiculturalism from this nation’s church.

      Racism has and continues to express itself in different levels. Racism fights integration; racism refuses to see the other side as equals; the other side is always looked down. These are some of the levels of racism I have seen in our churches:

1. White Churches where blacks and minorities, in general, are not allowed, period: Here there is no concern for the souls of minorities. In a way, minorities are not even considered humans.

2. White Churches where minorities are allowed, but must sit in the back, separated from the white brothers and sisters: Here they like to reach out to minorities for Jesus, but continue to establish segregation.

3. White Churches where whites are reaching out to minorities and helping them build their own buildings apart from the mother church: Here it is ok to have a black pastor, black elders, etc. but only among their own kind. Whatever government is established in the minority churches is always subject to the mother church. It is an outreach that appeases the white man’s guilt, but it still refuses to integrate.

Remember racism will come against integration and loosing power.

 4. White Churches where minorities are welcomed as part of the congregation, but they are nowhere to be found in the church’s body of elders or leadership: Here you see what many like to call a multicultural church, but it is only by appearance. After the service is over, everyone returns to live their lives and pursue fellowship with their own kind. At their birthday parties and personal celebrations, you only see people that look like them.

5. White Churches where they are integrating by enjoying multicultural fellowship outside of the church walls: Here, they are coming together to fellowship in each other’s homes, but they are not giving up power. The Elders continue to be all white.

6. White Churches where they enjoy multicultural fellowship and, minorities are also a part of the Body of Elders: This is closer from what God wants for the American Church to look like; but the Senior Pastor continues to be white. To a degree, they are still holding on to power.

      In the American Church today it is hard to find the first and second levels. However, make no mistake about it, they do exist. Open racism is no longer politically, socially or morally acceptable if whites do it, but I see plenty of racism in our black churches and even in our Hispanic Churches in America against whites. There is nothing in the Word of God that justifies racism just because you were or are a victim of racism.

      The point here is that the spirit of racism that flows out of our, particularly, white brothers, must find sneaky ways to manifest itself.

      The most tragic thing in levels three to six is that those in leadership think that they have arrived. They are really fooling themselves! When we think we have arrived, God always has a way of stretching us further.

      So what is it that God wants? The Lord gave me a Word some time back where I explained in detail some of the things the Lord shared with me concerning what the Lord will do in the American church. The article is entitled: The Shocking Work That Will Take Place In The Church

       The church that I see coming for America will be filled with the power of the Holy Ghost. People will walk in true love and fellowship with one another, without any concern for race, color or languages. However, African-American apostles will lead this church.

      I see Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Orientals, Europeans, etc. coming together in marriage, in friendship and as an example of love and unity to the world. This church will be a window of heaven on earth. Does that mean that whites will never be Senior Pastors, Apostles, etc.? Absolutely not! God will exalt the humble regardless of their race, but this new leadership will be birthed out of a true unity in the Spirit among our black leaders specifically.

      We will see miracles, signs, wonders and emotional healing. This church will be the continuation of what the Lord started at the Azusa Street Revival. God will eradicate our greatest hypocrisy; we will be united.

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