Today is March 15, 2013; I arrived to Fairbanks on August 17, 2013. This day will be marked on my little personal story as the first time I preach in this great city of Fairbanks. The Lord has giving me a message entitle: Our Holy Legacy. It is a message specifically for The Church of God in Christ.

I am going to be speaking about one of my heroes in the faith, Bishop William J. Seymour and the Azusa Street Revival and how that revival connected to Charles H. Mason, founder of The Church of God in Christ. This is a message about revival!

In 1910 Bishop Seymour prophesied that in a hundred year this nation would experience an even greater revival than the one in Azusa. Those hundred years took place in 2010 and we have yet to experience any revival. So, what is happening? What is holding that revival back? We will be answering these questions and much more in our message today.

To see video of my first sermon in Fairbanks entitle: Our Holy Legacy click below:



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