Listen, I like technology; we have ways of communicating now that we did not even imagine growing up. But there is a side of technology that is sickening. Is it me or every time I look at our young people their eyes are glued to some technological instrument? We see them walking around with headphones, listening to garbage, texting, playing video games, wasting time and surfing the net looking for more garbage. They have created their own world and we are creating a world where we are lacking social skills and concern for others.

            I see families going out together to eat while the teens are on their phone completely disconnected from the family. Technology has become their family, what they prefer, their escape from this world; it is indeed a kiss my butt attitude. You ask them, how was your day? And they respond, while refusing to make eye contact with you, by saying “Good” as they continue looking at their iPhones, iPod’s, etc. And perhaps, that is the problem, everything starts with “I”; a world where is all about me; a world where I am the center…no acknowledgement of God and no consideration for one another.

            This is the “I” generation, a selfish concept that must be corrected before is too late. We, as responsible parents do not allow our kids to watch certain shows or movies; we don’t allow them to go to certain places and drink certain drinks. However, when we allow them to have free access to the internet we are exposing them to a very dangerous world of, pornography, violence, laziness, antisocial embrace, an escape from reality into a fantasy world… and in general, we are exposing our children to an antichrist value systems.

            That is why our kids can’t worship in church, can’t pray, are not developing a relationship with Christ; that is because they are too distracted with technology. As a man and the pastor in my home…this is one of my greatest challenge.

            What do you think about this topic? Is it a problem or is it just me getting old?

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