Month: October 2013

The 10 Worst Fiscal Year Deficits Since 1940 to 2013

  The 10 Worst Fiscal Year Deficits Since 1940 to 2013         Year President Party Deficit Amount 2009 Obama Democrat  1,413 Billions  2011 Obama Democrat  1,299 Billions  2010 Obama Democrat  1,294 Billions  2012 Obama Democrat  1,100 Billions  2013 Obama Democrat  759 Billions  2004 Bush Republican  413 Billion  2003 Bush Repubican  377 Billion 

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Compartmentalizing The Christian Walk Part 4

Today we stand in need of another reformation, for the bride is once again a silenced minority. The bride is being disrespected, insulted and discredited by the world at the hands of the establish church and governments.       The Catholic Church continues to be the largest church in the world. The protestant church, in a

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