The Lord is tired of our excuses and how easy we dismiss Him out of our days. If you have a problem…you need God! If you are going through difficult times…you need God. If you are in the center of the valley of decisions…you need God!

            Why are you walking away from the great I AM? The One who is all we need and more. No matter what you are going through, no matter how many things needs to get done, no matter how many problems you have; never neglect your relationship with God and your family. God must be first in all and through all.

            The God that we serve is real; is able and is a solution for problems. He is encouragement for the discouraged, wisdom for the confused, a delivered, a redeemer and the only one who will remain faithful when everybody else is gone or everything else has failed.

            God is more than the church you go to, God is more than your pastor, God is more than a song, a prayer, and altar call, a Bible study… God is personal and One who cares about every detail of your life. God is not an opinion, or just a god, an idea, a shared truth with others so call “Truths”, God does not coexist with other gods, God is the only God, a way of life and the only truth that was, that is and that forever will be.

            Beloved, if you are a Christian, you MUST PRAY. That means that you MUST communicate with God. Communication means that you MUST read and study HIS WORD, you MUST talk to HIM, you MUST listen to His voice, you must meditate on what He tells you and what He says in His Word and you MUST DO what HE tells you to do. This last part is call “Obedience”.  If you are not doing these things you are JUST PLAYING CHURCH.

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