Do It Lord

I heard a Bishop saying the other day that he does not even like to use the term Christian because it is so misused today. God did not give us a denominational name. We are simply called Saints, a people separated for God. The reality is that tomorrow morning church buildings will be filled with only two groups: The saved and unsaved.


Through church history we have seen that everybody missed something regarding doctrine and, when their doctrine was better, they missed in love. We know in part. I think that the time will come where leaders in the Body of Christ will start doing radical things towards the unity of the Body.


I see pastors closing their buildings and moving in with other congregations. I see entire denominations closing their 501 © (3) and humbly uniting with other groups. It will happen, little by little until all you will see is the Body of Christ. This is going to be the final separation done by the Holy Ghost. The Protestant Church soon started protesting against each other and division came like a flood, but praise the living God that people will start crying out and realizing that there must be a better way.


Yes Lord, is coming, I see it. The hearts of the fathers are turning toward their children. Reconciliation will take place, repentance will take place, forgiveness will take place and UNITY is coming. It will be shocking; it will be reported all over CNN, Fox, NBC and others. It will be the Body of Christ loving each other, letting go of denominations and embracing a church where ALL ARE TRULY welcome. Praise the Living God! Do it Lord! Bring down arrogance and our desire to sin, Oh God… Do it in North Carolina, do it Kansa City, do it in Florida, do it in Puerto Rico, do it here in Alaska and all over the world. We are hungry for you Jesus, we are crying out “Come Lord Jesus!” Whatever it takes, do it Lord…Revival is coming!

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