There will always be that one thing left to do, that one thing that we must do first, take care of, get out-of-the-way. There will always be something else to do when is time to spend quality time with the Lord in prayer. There will always be interruptions and somebody that can’t wait and need you right away, a text, a phone call, your children calling your name, somebody wanting to talk or somebody showing up at your door.

         We are doing a great job in staying busy, doing a million things, running from here to there; taking care of this and taking care of that; running with the children to this game, flying to the rehearsal, doing chores around the house, going to this meeting, returning calls, receiving calls, texting, etc. The enemy can care less if you go to church, if you go to seminary, if you become a Doctor in Theology, Bishop, Apostles, etc. But the enemy will fight you to death if you make up your mind to spend quality time with God.

         God wants to spend time with you! Slow down now! Take a moment to enjoy what is around you. Open the Word, read and study. Take a moment and give HIM praise. Open your mouth and worship HIM. Nothing is more important! Nothing justifies living our lives without developing our relationship with God. He is worthy! Don’t take it likely… God is waiting!

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