The primary reason we come together on Sundays is to worship God together. We must make time to fellowship with one another and we must make time to minister to one another the rest of the week. But on Sundays, everything about the service must point at God’s glory, at His manifested presence, his greatness, His power, His love and every quality about Him found in Scripture. It is not about us or about how to live, is about Him. He is the focus not us or anything about us.

Through bible studies, special conference, Sunday School, Wednesday Service, Home Groups and fellowships we can learn how to live holy lives, but our Sunday Gathering should be all about God. This does not mean that we ignore Him the rest of the week. All I am saying is that the focus of our Sunday teaching should be about who God is and not about what we are lacking.

If we are going to learn anything else on Sundays it ought to be how to worship Him and how to bring about His glory in our midst. Out of these kind of gatherings and what takes place in our secret places we strengthen our spiritual man for God’s glory and for the service of others.

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